Item Slide Shows
The Item Slide Shows have been created using Version 2.0 of the Smarter Balanced Item Specifications.  The Item Slide Shows convert all example stems from the Item Specifications into student and teacher-friendly slides that can be used in the classroom.  Ideas for use include printing slides as full page station or relay activities, using individual items as formative assessments or as a tool for spiral review or Smarter Balanced prep in the Spring.


Extend the properties of exponents to rational exponents.

N.RN.1, N.RN.2
Use properties of rational and irrational numbers.

Reason quantitatively and use units to solve problem

N.Q.1 – N.Q.3
Interpret the structure of expressions.

A.SSE.1, A.SSE.2
Write expressions in equivalent forms to solve problems.

A.SSE.3, A.SSE.4
Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials.

Create equations that describe numbers or relationships.

A.CED.1 – A.CED.4
Understand solving equations as a process of reasoning and explain the reasoning.

A.REI.1, A.REI.2
Solve equations and inequalities in one variable.

A.REI.3, A.REI.4
Represent and solve equations and inequalities graphically.

A.REI.10 – A.REI.12
Understand the concept of a function and use function notation.

F.IF.1 – F.IF.3
Interpret functions that arise in applications in terms of the context.

F.IF.4 – F.IF.6
Analyze functions using different representations.

F.IF.7 – F.IF.9
Build a function that models a relationship between two quantities.

F.BF.1 – F.BF.2
Define trigonometric ratios and solve problems involving right triangles.

G.SRT.6 – G.SRT.8
Summarize, represent, and interpret data on a single count or measurement variable

S.ID.1 – S.ID.4