Improved Planning and Assessment Resources for EngageNY Math


Back in April, we posted about two of our favorite free EngageNY resources – a compacted pacing guide and standards-focused “snapshot assessments.”  Both come from Federal Way Public Schools in Federal Way, Washington.  Since that post, FWPS has done some reformatting – and we’ve done some reorganizing on our site as well!


The “new” pacing guide from FWPS has been expanded and reformatted to include:

– Notes on whether lessons are considered optional, extension, or remedial (and the reasoning for that)

– Student learning targets for each Topic

– Which snapshot assessment to use and when to use it

– Ideas on problem-solving assessment tasks outside the curriculum (with links!)

– For grades 3-5, embedded examples of Smarter Balanced items that correspond with each Module

You can preview and download the PDF for your whole year at EngageNY compacted pacing guide (click on the green “planning and assessment” button once you choose your grade level).


Snapshot Assessments

We have also collected all of their snapshot assessments (again, click on the green “planning and assessment” button once you choose your grade level) and put them in a zip file so you can download all the snapshots for your year in one click!  As we said before, we love these one-page standards-based quizzes for their use in formative assessments, reteaching, or for progress monitoring.  Federal Way has organized them by EngageNY Module, but because they are standards-based, they are a great complement to any curriculum!

We hope your year is getting off to a good start.  Let us know what else you’d like to see and we may pull together a future blog post just for you!


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