You Are Not Alone: Planning Your Year With EngageNY (The first of a three-part series)

The EngageNY math curriculum for K-5, A Story of Units, has become extraordinarily popular due to its strong focus on conceptual development, value (free is a very good price), and online availability.  But as with all new materials, it takes time to find what works for you, your students, and your district.

In the hopes of saving you a little bit of that time, we here at CCSS Math Activities have collected some of our favorite EngageNY resources from around the U.S.  This is the first of a series of posts about those resources and how we like to use them!


Need to figure out how to squeeze 180-day EngageNY curriculum into your school year, and include time for assemblies, field trips, snow days, and even some reteaching?  A team at Federal Way Public Schools in Federal Way, Washington created a compacted pacing guide (click on the green “planning and assessment” button once you choose your grade level) that provides suggestions for which lessons can be combined or omitted.  We really like that they included the reasoning for their recommendations, which allows you to make the final decisions for yourself!


Also from Federal Way comes a collection of CCSS-aligned “Snapshot Assessments” (again, click on the green “planning and assessment” button once you choose your grade level) that they have organized by standard within each EngageNY module.  Teachers we have worked with use these assessments to fill a variety of needs, including using them as:

  • Common formative assessments for data team/PLC discussion
  • Quizzes for grading purposes
  • Additional practice problems for reteaching or review

Have you used the Snapshots in a different way?  Let us know so others can benefit from your experience!

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    • Shannon McCaw
      Shannon McCaw says:

      We are not actually advocating for HW in Kindergarten on this site (or in this post). I understand that EngageNY has HW for every grade level but there is a lot of research showing HW for this age is not appropriate or helpful. Our goal on this site is to support teachers with materials they are using in their classroom. I think the HW conversation is a great conversation to have with your school team!

  1. Lori Rice
    Lori Rice says:

    We use this and the homework piece is used for students at school. We don’t use it to send home unless parents request something to use.


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